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    To Become Everything

    I would like to add that ego death can also be a prolonged experience. Lasting years sometimes. It can be sometimes be a slow experience which is usually called the “Dark Night of the Soul”. It will be a phase where you will be subject to fear, anxiety, confusion, depression etc. In the middle of it you would have experienced ego-death, but that is only half the process. After the ego has died, you will go through a processes of de-personalization and would like to just withdraw from life. This is when one should pull oneself together and resurrect the ego, but this time with all the knowledge and experience it has gained from its own death. The ego should be made aware of its fleeting existence but nonetheless you should cherish your ego. Assert it. That is the only way you can feel strong. But this time the feeling of pride in you will also be combined with the virtue of humility. Cherish this duality.

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    Indeed and well said. It is a challenge afterwards, it almost feels like insanity. But you keep going because you know it’s worthwhile. You have to take control of your ego and use it as a tool, because the society we live in requires it.

    Post-ego death is incredibly challenging because you’re thrown right back into “reality”.

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    I completely agree when you say “the society we live in requires it”. From one’s career to relationships, everybody respects to a certain degree, a person who is in control of his/her ego. Some people who don’t know how to tame it, become total jerks/assholes and others who just let go of it, get pushed to the backseat. Living life in the city is akin to walking on a tightrope, but you get good at it with age and the wisdom that comes with it.

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    Absolutely. Hopefully that tightrope will someday disappear and wisdom will be more respected than acting is now.

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